Chocolate fudge with sea salt and chili flakes

It’s nearing Christmas time, it’s dark outside and it’s getting rather cold. A few cups of the otherwise standars coffee get’s switched with a few cups of hot tea (or glögg for the Swedes) and I know I definetly up the dosage of baked goods! This recipe was reccomended to me by my cousin who works as a chef and it seemed so simple and tasty that I just had to give it a try. The original recipe is from Tidningen Hembakat but as you will see, they are so easy to make your own.

Blandad chokladfudge

The What:

400g of chocolate – I used 100 g 70% dark chocolate and 300 g milk chocolate

25 g of butter

1 can of condensed milk

Chili flakes

Sea salt

(Or whatever else you want to top them with for that matter! Coconut? Candied peanuts? The possibilities are endless!

Kaffe och Fudge

The How:

Melt the chocolate and the butter in a bowl held over boiling water.

When it’s melted, add the condensed milk and stir carefully. Let cool for a little while.

Pour the chocolate in to a pan, sprinkle sea salt or chili flakes on top and popp in the fridge for a few hours until it no longer runny.

Cut the fudge into pieces and enjoy!

Fudge på brickaFudge näraNära Fudge

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