The FoodieDeclarations Story

Welcome to FoodieDeclarations!

This is a portfolio containing my biggest passions in life; Food and photography. I am a trained chef with a major in Peace and Conflict Studies, a Key Account Manager by day and I am currently working on becoming a great food photographer and recipe designer!

My recipes during the week are designed to be  ​​fast, simple, healthy (usually) and above all taste really good. On weekends, however, I have no inhibitions and I love to splurge! I love wine and champagne almost as much as food, especially in combination!

The photos are all taken by me, feel free to share them, but don’t forget to give me some cred! I use a Canon EOS 700D and I do my editing in LightRoom.

I have a long way to go to reach my goal of becoming a professional food photographer and recipie designer, follow me on my journey to see where I end up!

The photo above is taken by my very talented mother, Eva Lindvall, who has taught me everything I know about photography. She has also been my sole source of inspiration in my cooking!